This section is dedicated to providing Trainings from various Leaders on a variety of pertinent subjects and related matters.

Note:  Audio & Video files have the same recorded Audio.  Videos are subtitle capable.

CEO David Pham – Growing and Prospering In Today’s World

EMD Anthony Gurrieri – Create Your Own Personal Operatiing System

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – A Plan To Win (12 Week Year)

MD Arthur Reich talks Stocks & Bonds

EMD Anthony Gurrieri – 4 Step Insurance Close

CEO Angelo Gurrieri talks Current Prospect List

SMD Pat Calhan talks Financial Strategies

SMD Veena Gandhi talks Long Term Care

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – New Month, New Focus

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – Monthly Goals

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – Clarity In Business & Value Proposition

CFEd Chantay Moore – Marketing Yourself To Engage Prospects Into Clients!

SMD Pat Calhan talks Active Money Management

CEO Angelo Gurrieri explains the DEG Training site

CEO Angelo Gurrieri talks Repetition and Team Accountability

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – New Meeting Format

SMD Pat Calhan & SMD Todd Kemp – Retirement Planning & Wealth Preservation

SMD Veena Gandhi – Why WFG? Sparking Activity

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – 12 Week Year

Associate Miguel Alvarez shares his perspective on Prospecting with Technology

CEO Angelo Gurrieri – Marketing Ideas

SMD Todd Kemp – Go To Market Strategies

“What is your “Go To Market Strategy?”

MD Rigo Ramirez – Proper Use Of Social Media

12 Week Year – A Plan & Committed Goal For This Year

Goals Review – How To Contact Professionals and Business Owners

Field Leader Layne Jensen Talks SDBA Acounts